Goodreads Giveaway Update

Bekah's 1st Adventure  Yesterday, 2/8/17, was the last of day of our Goodreads Giveaway.  676 people registered for this giveaway.  Congratulations to the two lucky individuals won.  They are Leighann Washburn and Roland So.  Your signed copies of Bekah’s First Adventure will be mailed out within the next couple of days.


Work In Progress-Mindfulness

003Like the vibrant colors in this picture, mindfulness is an active process in experiencing our thoughts and actions in a very conscious effort or with intention.

Mindfulness is a state of active open attention to the present.  Maintaining mindfulness requires active participation in living.  For me, my journey toward mindfulness is a work in progress as I work at living in each moment and awaken to each experience.  At first the practice of mindfulness can appear to be a struggle, but, with practice is achievable. Mindfulness can be applied to all activities–writing, gardening, knitting, and sewing.

There are several steps in my mindfulness journey.  The first is let go of my conscious thought and focus my energy and mind on the current task I’m doing.  I work at savoring each experience.  When faced with challenges along the task, I acknowledge and accept them without judgment and then refocus on my task.  Deep breathing throughout the tasks helps to keep me centered and allows me to develop a rhythmic flow.

Let me use my knitting to demonstrate these steps.  With my knitting in my lap, I focus on the tapping of my knitting needles and the feel of the yarn as it passes over my fingers. I marvel at each stitch and row.  I work on savoring this experience..  I also concentrate on steadying my breathing to help me increase my awareness of my knitting.  I become engrossed in my knitting and develop a rhythmic flow. If my chance, I drop a stitch I don’t let it bother me.  I accept it, correct it, and continue with my knitting.  I do not waste time chastising myself.  Deep breaths help me to remain focused on my knitting.  The end result is mindfulness knitting or knitting in the moment. My mindful knitting becomes a vibrant experience.  Bright and full of energy.





Upcoming Event–Goodreads Giveaway

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day present for a young child then mark your calendar to participate in another Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of “Bekah’s First Adventure” begins on 1/31/2017 and runs through 2/8/17.  Bekah's 1st Adventure      Here is the link for the giveaway.  Https://

In this book you will meet Bekah, A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and learn how she conquers her fear when she leaves her home in Arizona and travels to Nevada to be adopted.  Young readers will accompany Bekah through the process of her transition into her new family.

Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s time to shout out a birthday cheer to me!

I search for clues to unlock the key.

Each year on this date,

I pause to celebrate


It’s time to pause and contemplate the blessings of this day.

It’s celebrate let me reflect in my own way.

I’ve been blessed with a very special life.

My life has not known true strife.


Years ago I decided to enter the world early

Eight-month babies were known as a risky treats.

Babies entering the world one month early

Back then were uncertain feats.


Despite this fact, I’m told I loudly announced my arrival

Cuteness and determination indicated I would have rival.

Anxiously I wanted to face the world with so much to do.

My destiny would reveal itself to me that is the one thing I knew.


God blessed me on this day.

He created my life’s plan in a special way

He made me a middle child.

And as such I learned not to be to wild.


My family helps me to be well-rounded.

Their love and friendship keeps me grounded.

My family encourages me to be the best that I can be.

I get my strength from their faith in me.


Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s time to simply sit back and enjoy.

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s time to ponder the  things that fill me with joy.


Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s time to gratefully accept all of the wishes and good cheer

Happy Birthday to Me!

The memories of each special year I will always hold dear.


New Year Dawning!


As a New Year dawns
Another opportunity presents itself for a focus on renewing oneself.A

As a New Year dawns
We join with friends and family in revelry.

As a New Year dawns
We pause reflecting on the old.

As a New Year dawns
We reflect on blessings received.

As a New Year dawns
We reflect on our stumbles encountered.

As a New Year dawns
We carve out new dreams.

As a New Year dawns
We assess all data accumulated.

As a New Year dawns
We set new goals.

As a New Year dawns
We forge ahead with action plans.

As a New Year dawns
We pull all resources together to start a new.

As a New Year dawns
We chart our new course with excitement and determination.

As a New Year dawns
We begin our process toward renewal.

©Beverly Ann McCall

Welcoming 2017


Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  We spent our Christmas in Baltimore.  Spending the holidays with family is always enjoyable, relaxing, and energizing.  We explored many new eating places and had an opportunity to explore some of Washington, D.C.’s monuments. Our dog, Bekah, accompanied us this Christmas Season road trip. Bekah had a great time visiting with our daughter’s dog, Kete.

We traveled to Baltimore via a southern route.  We were very fortunate with regard to decent weather and traffic.  This made traveling enjoyable.  Bekah is a great traveler.  Along the way we struck up conversations with several interesting families.  It is always nice to meet new people at rest stops and coffee shops along the way.

Returning home is always exciting, despite, all of the unpacking and laundry.  Bekah and my hubby surprised me with an early birthday present–a new addition to our family.  Meet our new King Charles Cavalier puppy, Ginger.

I am happy to announce that my two Cavaliers are getting to know each other.  img_1298

It is such a great way to start the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bekah and I send Thanksgiving Greetings to all our friends

and family we hold so dear.

We stop to reflect on all the joys and blessings of the year

We take time to pause from all the hustle and bustle

And relax our tired muscles.

And on this very special holiday

We extend our  love to you all, today.


Hi there!  I’m a writer of children’s narrative nonfiction books.  Growing up in Hawaii story telling is a large part of our culture.  Everyone gathers together just to “talk story” and always over a meal.  Oral history is passed down from one generation to the next as young children learn about the world around them.  Hence, it is not surprising that I am returning to the traditions of my youth to share information through narrative nonfiction works.

As an educator, I learned that reading is fundamental to children’s academic success.  Nonfiction reading, in particular, builds reading comprehension as well as general knowledge.  In my tenure as a school administrator I worked with our teachers in developing reading campaigns to entice children to read.  This became the cornerstone of my administrative career and a lifetime passion.
I strive to continue following this passion through my encore career as a children’s author.  My goal is to reach out to children everywhere help them to read, read and read!

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators–Book Blast

           It is that time of year again for the annual Book Blast promotion. Visit this site to see my Bookblast for Bekah’s First Adventure.

Bekah's 1st Adventure

While you browse around please take some time to look at offerings from other members.  With the Christmas season looming buy, a browse through the Bookblast options is an great opportunity to buy a member’s book for a little reader in your home.  (

See you around the Bookblast!

Catching Up


As we enter this Autumn season, I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by.  So many positive experiences transpired in the last ten months.  We started 2016 off with a bang with the publication of Bekah’s First Adventure. In this narrative nonfiction, Bekah shares her experience of adoption, traveling over 300 miles and overcoming fears and uncertainties as she carves out a new life with her new family.

Bekah and I send our heartfelt thanks to all of our fans who bought the first book of her adventure series.  Now comfortably acclimated, Bekah’s inquisitive nature affords her opportunities to explore and learn from her travels.  In fact, it is her love of traveling, discovering new places and meeting fellow travelers that catapulted the launching of her own Facebook page–Bekah, The Charming Cavalier.

In the upcoming second book in the series fans will soon learn more about Bekah’s exploits and discoveries in Death Valley. We are currently in the editing phase.  Stay tuned for more on our progress.