On My Redhead Mind

Why do I read?
Reading has always been an enjoyable pastime of mine. When I truly want to relax, I fix myself a cup of hot tea, sit in a comfortable chair and open a book. Today, in addition to books, escape to reading occurs through an e-book. I can’t help but wonder why I find reading as enjoyable as I do. Essentially, I read for two purposes. One is for sheer entertainment and the other is to acquire new information.
No matter the reason, however, reading has a magical power. It transports you into a new and different world. It introduces you a myriad of fascinating and complex characters. Reading broadens the mind as it introduces new topics of interest from content of science, history, sociology, anthropology and psychology. Meditation is attainable from inspirational and spiritual texts.
Whatever the reading content, however, reading for meaning—the author’s message—is critical. Reading with intent stimulates the brain cells. Synapsis occurs with the connections of ideas or the inferences as to author’s intent as well as making connections to prior knowledge. Reading with intent encourages empathy with characters.
Reading is a most fascinating activity