It’s a Girl!

Who is this adorable bundle of joy?
It’s not a boy.

If it’s not a brother.
Then, it must be the other.

Ahhhh!  It’s a lovable and spirited girl.
She loves to prance and twirl.

It’s a girl who brings joy.
But, will never be a toy.

It’s a girl who is so cute.
Her antics make boys hoot.

It’s a girl whose laughter fills the air.
It causes strangers to stop and stare.

It’s a girl who is a lively sprite.
She can’t help but be a delight.

It’s a girl who may don bows and frills.
She is comfortable wearing waders and catching fish by their gills.

It’s a girl who learns to use her smiles.
She uses them as tools to help her beguile.

It’s a girl whose is very smart.
She lives her life with her heart.

It’s a girl who is multidimensional.
Every thought and act is intentional.

It’s a girl who is very passionate.
It causes her to be compassionate.

There’s more to a girl than just being adorable.
It’s her essence that makes her reliable.

It’s a girl!  It’s a girl!  It’s a girl!

~©Beverly Ann McCall, 4/23/17



Let’s Paint

  1. Let’s Paint!
    ©Beverly Ann McCall

    Happiness overflows upon hearing the call of “let’s paint!”
    Endless possibilities flow with no restraint.

    What medium will this artist employ for this delightful mission?
    Will I apply paint or some other medium for this composition?

    Pastel watercolors to cast a soft tone are a definite option.
    Acrylic oils for a bold and brass look is another notion.

    Impasto techniques like Impressionist Van Goghs’s Starry Night may be an alternative.
    Neo-dada style of Barbara Rose would be superlative.

    Tempura for finger painting is reminiscent of kindergarten days.

    Oh! So many different options spin me into a daze.
    Alas! The decision is clear its PAINT to capture your gaze.

    Happiness overflows upon hearing the call to “Let’s Paint!”
    Endless possibilities exist with no restraint.


Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s time to shout out a birthday cheer to me!

I search for clues to unlock the key.

Each year on this date,

I pause to celebrate


It’s time to pause and contemplate the blessings of this day.

It’s celebrate let me reflect in my own way.

I’ve been blessed with a very special life.

My life has not known true strife.


Years ago I decided to enter the world early

Eight-month babies were known as a risky treats.

Babies entering the world one month early

Back then were uncertain feats.


Despite this fact, I’m told I loudly announced my arrival

Cuteness and determination indicated I would have rival.

Anxiously I wanted to face the world with so much to do.

My destiny would reveal itself to me that is the one thing I knew.


God blessed me on this day.

He created my life’s plan in a special way

He made me a middle child.

And as such I learned not to be to wild.


My family helps me to be well-rounded.

Their love and friendship keeps me grounded.

My family encourages me to be the best that I can be.

I get my strength from their faith in me.


Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s time to simply sit back and enjoy.

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s time to ponder the  things that fill me with joy.


Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s time to gratefully accept all of the wishes and good cheer

Happy Birthday to Me!

The memories of each special year I will always hold dear.


New Year Dawning!


As a New Year dawns
Another opportunity presents itself for a focus on renewing oneself.A

As a New Year dawns
We join with friends and family in revelry.

As a New Year dawns
We pause reflecting on the old.

As a New Year dawns
We reflect on blessings received.

As a New Year dawns
We reflect on our stumbles encountered.

As a New Year dawns
We carve out new dreams.

As a New Year dawns
We assess all data accumulated.

As a New Year dawns
We set new goals.

As a New Year dawns
We forge ahead with action plans.

As a New Year dawns
We pull all resources together to start a new.

As a New Year dawns
We chart our new course with excitement and determination.

As a New Year dawns
We begin our process toward renewal.

©Beverly Ann McCall