Happy Holidays!

Dear Readers,

At this time of year, Bekah, Ginger and I (Mrs. B) take a moment to reflect back on 2017.  So much has happened.  We carved out some time for traveling.  Ginger took puppy training classes and did well.  Bekah had a medical setback but is now better.  Despite that we were able to publish our second book, Bekah’s Death Valley Adventure.

Book 2 Paperback Cover  It is available on Amazon both as an e-book and in soft cover.

We are currently visiting relatives in Missouri and are making friends and getting new experiences.  Check out our discovery of snow.


Here we are with Mr. Mike.  Who knows maybe this will end up in another book.  What do you think.

Happy Holidays!



It’s Start’s With Memorial Day

memorial day 2  I come from a very patriotic family and on a day like today, I am proud to be an American.  My father served in the Army during World War II.  My only brother is a Vietnam War Veteran.  My husband is also a Vietnam War Veteran.  My nephew served in the Army during peace time.  My oldest daughter is currently serving in the Army, stationed in Baltimore, MD, as a First Lieutenant.  Our family has been blessed by this privilege and we are fortunate that they carried out and are carrying out their service safely.

As an avid history buff and social studies teacher, I am aware of the importance of studying history.  We study history to learn what happened and why things happened.  Hopefully, we can learn from past events and behaviors and avoid getting ourselves and our country in the same situation.

Memorial Day is when we honor are fallen service members who paid the ultimate price while protecting Americans and our freedoms.  To their families, I thank you and salute you.  Know that your loved are remembered and prayed for.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Traveling to our get away.

Traveling to our get away.

This Valentine’s Day is a special one for our family.  Earlier this year our family received another bundle of Cavalier charm with my little sister, Ginger.  This Valentine’s Day is her first one and we are marking it with a special get away to Laughlin.

Bekah and Ginger join me in wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May today be a wonderful day filled with much happiness and joy.


Welcoming 2017


Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  We spent our Christmas in Baltimore.  Spending the holidays with family is always enjoyable, relaxing, and energizing.  We explored many new eating places and had an opportunity to explore some of Washington, D.C.’s monuments. Our dog, Bekah, accompanied us this Christmas Season road trip. Bekah had a great time visiting with our daughter’s dog, Kete.

We traveled to Baltimore via a southern route.  We were very fortunate with regard to decent weather and traffic.  This made traveling enjoyable.  Bekah is a great traveler.  Along the way we struck up conversations with several interesting families.  It is always nice to meet new people at rest stops and coffee shops along the way.

Returning home is always exciting, despite, all of the unpacking and laundry.  Bekah and my hubby surprised me with an early birthday present–a new addition to our family.  Meet our new King Charles Cavalier puppy, Ginger.

I am happy to announce that my two Cavaliers are getting to know each other.  img_1298

It is such a great way to start the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bekah and I send Thanksgiving Greetings to all our friends

and family we hold so dear.

We stop to reflect on all the joys and blessings of the year

We take time to pause from all the hustle and bustle

And relax our tired muscles.

And on this very special holiday

We extend our  love to you all, today.