Valentine Getaway Memories


An opportunity for a recent getaway turned out to be a remarkable memory.  I am so proud of how well my little sister, Ginger, adjusted to our family’s love for traveling. A getaway to Laughlin, Nevada is a perfect learning experience.  Laughlin is about 2 hours away.  When in Laughlin, we stay at the Pioneer Hotel and Casino on the Colorado River.  This is a very pet-friendly establishment.

Ginger pleasantly surprised us all with how well she adjusted to walking on a leash.  It is quite amusing to see her zig and zag as she walks along.  Her little legs move at a quick pace.  I can only surmise it is because of her short attention span and the fact that she gets distracted easily.  The object that gets her attention entices her to dart about.  In doing so, she wraps her leash around Mr. Mike’s legs.

Ginger certainly has her antics.  Let me share a few with you.  I discovered she loves chasing leaves.  As we walk along the River Walk, breezes from the Colorado River lifts fallen leaves encouraging them to dance along the path.  Watching her chase after them is quite amusing especially her attempts to pounce on them.  In the process of her chase, she darts in and out of legs and even attempts to crawl under my belly.  Not only is this hilarious, as I am so short and there is not much room between the ground and my belly, it tickles.

On another walk, we encountered a flock of pigeons foraging for seeds in the tall grass. I guess she thought they were a pile of fluffy leaves. Their pecking and scratching for food stirred her curiosity and she decided to give chase.  As she did, they took flight. You should have seen her startled expression as they dispersed just out of her reach.  Mr. Mike and I enjoyed a good chuckle.

Ginger tries to follow my example, but, the poor thing gets done in by these cute and adorable puppy instincts.  Ginger’s inquisitiveness and impulses helps her to learn and provides us with many memories.