Bekah’s Death Valley Adventure Hits The Shelves

Monumental Week!  That’s exactly how this week turned out.  I bet I have your attention now!

After months of work on my second children’s book, I’ve reached a milestone that every writer wants to get to–publication.  My meme, Bekah, invites you to help her solve the paradox of wildflowers in Death Valley.

Want to know where to find this adventure tale?  Check out Amazon.  There you’ll find a paperback version

Book 2 Paperback Cover   and a Kindle version.     Book 2 Kindle Cover

Writing a children’s book is not a solitary effort.  I had help throughout this creative process.  My loyal fan and supporter is, of course, my husband.  He donned multiple hats such as: tour guide and driver, proof reader, sketching of maps, occasional photographer and cheerleader.  My daughters were also supporters encouraging me along the way.  Several friends also lent their support.  One allowed me to brainstorm the story line.  Another friend, Shawndra Holmberg, graciously became my book coach, HYH Book Coach.  She worked with me through this process by helping me “stay the course.”  Our coaching sessions helped me set and implement my writing goals.  Thank you to my network of supporters.

So, don’t forget to stop by Amazon and pick up a copy of my book.  After you’ve read it, drop me a line and let me know what you thought about.  Happy Reading!



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