It’s a Girl!

Who is this adorable bundle of joy?
It’s not a boy.

If it’s not a brother.
Then, it must be the other.

Ahhhh!  It’s a lovable and spirited girl.
She loves to prance and twirl.

It’s a girl who brings joy.
But, will never be a toy.

It’s a girl who is so cute.
Her antics make boys hoot.

It’s a girl whose laughter fills the air.
It causes strangers to stop and stare.

It’s a girl who is a lively sprite.
She can’t help but be a delight.

It’s a girl who may don bows and frills.
She is comfortable wearing waders and catching fish by their gills.

It’s a girl who learns to use her smiles.
She uses them as tools to help her beguile.

It’s a girl whose is very smart.
She lives her life with her heart.

It’s a girl who is multidimensional.
Every thought and act is intentional.

It’s a girl who is very passionate.
It causes her to be compassionate.

There’s more to a girl than just being adorable.
It’s her essence that makes her reliable.

It’s a girl!  It’s a girl!  It’s a girl!

~©Beverly Ann McCall, 4/23/17