Hi there!  I’m a writer of children’s narrative nonfiction books.  Growing up in Hawaii story telling is a large part of our culture.  Everyone gathers together just to “talk story” and always over a meal.  Oral history is passed down from one generation to the next as young children learn about the world around them.  Hence, it is not surprising that I am returning to the traditions of my youth to share information through narrative nonfiction works.

As an educator, I learned that reading is fundamental to children’s academic success.  Nonfiction reading, in particular, builds reading comprehension as well as general knowledge.  In my tenure as a school administrator I worked with our teachers in developing reading campaigns to entice children to read.  This became the cornerstone of my administrative career and a lifetime passion.
I strive to continue following this passion through my encore career as a children’s author.  My goal is to reach out to children everywhere help them to read, read and read!

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