Hi there!  I’m a writer of children’s narrative nonfiction books.  Growing up in Hawaii story telling is a large part of our culture.  Everyone gathers together just to “talk story” and always over a meal.  Oral history is passed down from one generation to the next as young children learn about the world around them.  Hence, it is not surprising that I am returning to the traditions of my youth to share information through narrative nonfiction works.

As an educator, I learned that reading is fundamental to children’s academic success.  Nonfiction reading, in particular, builds reading comprehension as well as general knowledge.  In my tenure as a school administrator I worked with our teachers in developing reading campaigns to entice children to read.  This became the cornerstone of my administrative career and a lifetime passion.
I strive to continue following this passion through my encore career as a children’s author.  My goal is to reach out to children everywhere help them to read, read and read!

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Bekah's 1st Adventure

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Catching Up


As we enter this Autumn season, I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by.  So many positive experiences transpired in the last ten months.  We started 2016 off with a bang with the publication of Bekah’s First Adventure. In this narrative nonfiction, Bekah shares her experience of adoption, traveling over 300 miles and overcoming fears and uncertainties as she carves out a new life with her new family.

Bekah and I send our heartfelt thanks to all of our fans who bought the first book of her adventure series.  Now comfortably acclimated, Bekah’s inquisitive nature affords her opportunities to explore and learn from her travels.  In fact, it is her love of traveling, discovering new places and meeting fellow travelers that catapulted the launching of her own Facebook page–Bekah, The Charming Cavalier.

In the upcoming second book in the series fans will soon learn more about Bekah’s exploits and discoveries in Death Valley. We are currently in the editing phase.  Stay tuned for more on our progress.